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My name is Sean Warwick. I am a game and user experience designer with 6+ years experience working in PC and console gaming. I love the simple enjoyment that games provide for people every day and, as an extension of my design background, I am privileged to be a part of creating those experiences. I have experience in both start-up and large studio environments, and feel that the collaboration that results from teamwork is the best way to create something great.

I am currently employed as a UX designer for the Company of Heroes game series at Relic Entertainment. Prior to my current role I worked to ship FIFA 20 and 21 at Electronic Arts. Working on a product with millions of daily active users was a truly humbling experience that helped me to grow as a designer each day. Prior to FIFA I spent 2.5 years working on Cleebo Casino, where I learned valuable lessons in designing for a social, free-to-play, live-content product.