Stika: An Indie Horror Experience

May 2023

The Project

Stika is a indie horror exploration game currently in development. The Stika team is largely made up of former Relic Entertainment employees who were looking to collaborate on a small passion project. As I have frequently enjoyed horror exploration games (such as Resident Evil 6, Slender, and Amnesia) I took the opportunity to explore the genre as a UX consultant for the project.


The following wireframes, outlining the first pass of the Stika UI, were created over the course of one week and roughly 8 hours of work.

Stika Main Menu Settings Menu Settings Hover Settings Dropdown Hover Base HUD and Flashlight Pause Menu Subtitles User Choice Input Objective Stinger Chapter Stinger Chapter Select Locked Chapter Pickup Object Tutorial Annotated Waypoint Objective Complete Cross Out Animation Load Screen Skip Cutscene Journal Characters Journal Glossary Journal Lore Journal Unread New Journal Entry

Component Library

After completing the first wireframe pass for Stika I assembled my wireframe components into a basic component library. This was intended to communicate all interaction states and provide a staring point for the project's UI artist to create a style guide

Component Library

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